Fantastic Christmas Stockings to Look Out For In 2022

Whether young or old, Christmas morning is arguably the most anticipated time. So, why not surprise your family with traditional bulk christmas stockings? Christmas stockings are a must-have for anyone looking to get into the Christmas spirit and flex their decorative prowess. You can never go wrong with Christmas stockings. A classic example is to hang the stockings by the chimney to add that feel-good vibe to your house and ensure that you and your family have an unforgettable Christmas holiday. Trust me, you and your kids will have a blast and reminisce about the good times in your Christmas-themed house.

Brands with unique Christmas Stockings

1. Chunky knit stocking from L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean’s stockings derive their inspiration from the conventional design work done on fishermen’s sweaters. These chunky knit stockings feature a cable knit stitch composed of dense acrylic fibers. The stockings, as mentioned above, are soft and have a fleece lining hence explaining why they have such an exquisite texture. It is ideal for the stockings to be dry-cleaned instead of machine-washed. These stockings come in a 22 by 8-inch dimension. Furthermore, these chunky stockings are available in different colors: silver snowflakes, red snowflakes, natural, and red.

2. Green stripe knit stocking by Crate & Barrel.

Crate & Barrel’s white and green stocking incorporates an elegant Scandinavian design that employs a graphic stripe. The print blends in exquisitely because it combines modern and vintage. Crate & Barrel manufactures its stocking purely from cotton and places three cotton pom-poms together with a ribbed fold over the cuff to add a better feel. The company also provides several stocking choices, which blend in effortlessly with this particular design, thus allowing its owner to match it with whatever they desire. Crate & Barrel’s stockings are cleanable only by dry cleaning. The Christmas stockings come in various color options, such as green and white stripes. The stockings constitute cotton, which is sustainable as it is a durable fabric. Cotton can regulate moisture as an insulator—the stocking’s dimensions of 26 by 8 inches.

3. Reindeer face Christmas stocking

These stockings have a reindeer face with fur decorations. Fiber is the component that makes up the stocking. Polyester, wool, and cotton constitute the stockings. The fiber is dyed with yarn that is eco-friendly before it is woven. The outer layer of the stockings consists of polyester and wool, while the inner layer contains polyester and wool. The stockings have to be hand-cleaned as it is not machine washer enabled. The stockings come in a pattern of white and red Fair Isle. The company can customize the stocking for the consumer at an extra cost. The Christmas stockings have dimensions of 27 by 11 inches. The Reindeer face Christmas stockings are a product of Pottery Barn children.


Bulk Christmas stockings never go out of style during the holiday season.

Brands with amazing bulk Christmas stockings are Chunky knit stocking from L.L. Bean Green stripe knit stocking by Crate & Barrel, and Reindeer face Christmas stocking by Pottery Barn. Before buying a Christmas stocking this holiday, consider its dimensions, material used, and color.



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